JORD Watches Review: natural wood without the compromise


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In today’s modern cell phone era, the idea of a watch seems almost irrelevant. We can see the time just as easily on our phones which we tend to be glued to through most of the day. I, like many people today, try to not let the cell phone rule my day and have found that a watch is a rather refreshing way to keep track of time. As you know Bree and I love the natural world and often if we can find a version of something that is natural, simple, and conscientious we want that first. We love to be barefoot because it connects us back to the earth, strengthens our feet and legs, we also like to grow our own food using natural means. Something about staying connected to the natural world just feels good! It is no surprise then that we got a JORD natural wood watch.

JORD wood watchesJORD Watches

JORD is not your average watch company. It is run by ‘artists, designers, marketers, and minders.’ People who genuinely care about quality,  craftsmanship, originality, and unique design. This is the backing behind the wood watches JORD makes. img_3252They focus on sustainability, efficiency in the use of the woods they choose for their watches. And you can quickly tell by their design that these watches are made for the modern lifestyle. They fit in with a contemporary 9-to-5 look but also with that of weekend adventure.

JORD wood watchesThe Watches

The first thing I thought (after being impressed by the awesome wood packaging box it comes in) was when I picked up this watch it was heavy, in a good way. For whatever reason I thought it would feel breakable or light because of the wood construction. I could not have been more wrong. This watch feels very study and solid in your hand and on your wrist. I love that it is a winding watch as well. Winding the watch has quickly become part of my routine and it brings me great joy to partake in the old ritual. The watch itself is also very accurate at time keeping. Of course being wood, moisture is not your friend. Like all wood products a too dry environment or a too moist environment can do damage to the watch. When storing, it is wise to put it in a jewelry box or somewhere that is not exposed to high heat or cold. I find the best place to keep it happy is on my wrist! General maintenance is easy too with Tung oil or lemon oil (JORD recommends both!). It is not water-proof for obvious reasons but a little splash here and there is not a problem. For me the maintenance of the watch feels no different than any watch out there. However if  you’re not into care and upkeep (though I think this is minimal upkeep) a wood watch may not be the best fit for you nor really would any wrist watch. I feel though many people will love this style.


Not a fan of a brown color for a watch? JORD has got you covered for both its men and women’s watches you will find a wide range of styles, designs, and colors (and yes even pink). This particular watch (part of the Dover Series) I loved the look of right away. Seeing the inside of the watch working is very cool and fits the style I like to have. I like a little uniqueness and a watch that is open like this is very “steampunk-esque” in style and I love it!

JORD wood watchesWant to get your hands on one? JORD is offering an exciting contest! Through October 30th you can enter the link || here ||for a chance to win a $75.00 e-coupon voucher for your very own JORD watch! If you don’t win don’t feel left out, everyone who enters will receive a $20.00 e-coupon just for entering for any watch on the JORD website!

JORD watches review +GIVEAWAY

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