Easy and Fun Water Activities for Toddlers!

I am very excited to introduce Family As We Go’s first guest post. Rachel, who blogs over at dontcallmesupermom.com has become a great blogging friend of mine and I love her witty writing. She’s a stay at home mom who loves cooking, crafting, anything natural and organic, and getting a good deal! Her goal in life is to raise decent kids, and encourage others in any way she can. Her motto is: thereโ€™s always room in your life for another friend- we can all add happiness and value to each otherโ€™s lives!

Take it away Rachel!

Water activities are fun at any age, but especially for little ones!! What toddler doesn’t love splashing in a puddle, the bathtub, or sink? You don’t need to go out and buy a Little Tikes water play table for your kids to have fun splishing and splashing. Here are some fun water activities for your toddler-aged child and beyond!

The first idea is a great sensory activity and it involves frozen water – so technically no splashing here:

Giant Ice Cube, Hidden Toys

Grab an old plastic container and drop a couple toys in it with a few inches of water, then freeze. Once frozen solid, add a few more small toys, a little more water and freeze again. Repeat until you’ve filled your container. Once it is all completely frozen, let your kids discover ways to excavate the items inside!

Water play - Small Toys frozen in layers for kids to find!
Our frozen containers of toys, all ready to go!

Ideas for items to fill your container:

Toys for water play frozen cube

  • small Happy Meal type toys (basically anything you get for free at a fair or festival – nothing you care about ruining or losing
  • paper clip
  • Barbie hairbrushes
  • hair clips
  • rubber bracelet
  • army men
  • rubber stretchy toys

Once the container is full and completely frozen, it’s time to play! Take your ice outside on a hot, sunny day and let your kids try to melt it with the warmth of their body, or chip away at it with small kitchen tools (we used a melon baller, a dull vegetable peeler and a metal measuring spoon).

Tools we used in our water play frozen cube

The best of these three tools was the vegetable peeler, because it has serrated edges. With the serrated peeler edge, the kids were easily able to saw into the ice. But in the end, we discovered that dropping and throwing the giant ice cube was the best way to break it up.

Sensory play idea: Layer and freeze small toys in recycled containers IMG_4432






(I tried incorporating a science lesson and sprinkling salt on top to melt it faster, but that still didn’t work fast enough for my kids.)

Sensory Water Play - Blocks of ice with hidden toys

Plus, hurling blocks of ice is super fun! I just warned the kids to watch out for windows and each other….surprisingly this went “swimmingly” well. We also repeated this activity in our driveway during a playdate with friends. My friend’s kids loved throwing the ice and discovering the toys inside as well!

The next idea is not only incredibly easy, but it serves a purpose as well!!

Washing the (Little Tikes) Car

Fill a tub with soapy water, grab some sponges, and let the kids have at it! We store our plastic toys under the porch when not in use, and they get pretty dirty. This was a fun, yet helpful activity!

water activities - washing the little tikes car

Washing the car and slide kept my girls and the neighbor kid busy for a good 40 minutes. FORTY MINUTES! Before I resorted to this activity, they were walking around with giant sticks in my backyard. Giant. Am I a helicopter mom for obsessively worrying they will poke their eyes out with a 6 foot stick?

Water Activities - Washing the Little Tikes Car

Either way, soap + water = pretty harmless. Good, clean fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Of course, you can always have the kids help you wash a real car, too.

Washing the (real) Car

No explanation necessary. Simply grab your supplies and the kids will likely want to jump right in.

Water Activities - Washing the Car

We always have to keep a close watch on the kids when they help wash the car because they want to use the scrub brush meant for tires on the car itself. Eek! Lol!

The hardest part about this next water activity was coming up with small toys and objects of varying weights. It’s called:

Sink or Float

We used mostly the same toys we had previously unearthed in our giant ice cubes. My girls were in a hurry to get out and play, so I didn’t have a lot of time for forethought. ๐Ÿ™‚

The how-to is simple; ask your kids, “Do you think this item will sink or float?”. It encourages them to use their cognitive skills, and they get excited when they’re right. Your kids could play “Sink or Float” in the bathtub during wintertime (with toys, not each other! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )! You could also supervise them doing this water activity in the kitchen sink! Or fill a small basin and put it on the kitchen floor. (I would lay down a bath towel first, though. Definitely.)
Water Activities - Sink Or Float

This activity didn’t keep the kids occupied for very long, but I had another use up my sleeve for this bucket full of water…you can read about it in my companion post here.

To find more great water activities, check out the companion post over on my blog, Don’t Call Me Supermom. There, I’ll show you how we “painted” with water and made a simple, yet very cool “water blob”. I also share fun water balloon ideas!

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Bree for letting me guest post!

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What are some other fun toddler summer activities you do with your kids?

Easy and Fun Water Activities for toddlers


  1. Irina Rena | 15th Aug 16

    Water play is the best especially during the hot season. I love getting kiddos to help out with washing my car. It’s a win, win. They have fun while I get a clean car. Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Crystal | 10th Aug 16

    Such great water play ideas. I have more boys I think they may actually like washing the van ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hannah @Sunshine and Spoons | 10th Aug 16

    These are great ideas for summer fun!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nikki Crump | 10th Aug 16

    I can’t wait to try these with my kids! So easy to do! I’m sure my kids would love this!

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