5 Natural Remedies for Teething Babies

I am really excited to welcome another wonderful blogger and friend, Rebekah here today. She is so like minded on family upbringing as Family As We Go, and I know you would all love her blog over at Surviving Toddlerhood. Rebekah loves to share encouragement for mommas who are living in the season of littles. Topics range from homeschooling, natural health and living, marriage, cloth diapering, allergen free recipes, and whatever else crosses her mind. Rebekah and her husband have been married for 7 years and have three little boys ages 5, 3, and 10 months. Rebekah is a Christ follower, coffee and tea addict, birth junkie, and fitness enthusiast. Surviving Toddlerhood

My fourteen month old is getting eight teeth in, yes eight, at the same time right now. The poor fella, but at least he is getting them all done with! I thought this would be a perfect time for a seasoned mother of 3 to give some great natural remedies to aid in helping teething children.

Alright Rebekah, the floor is yours!

We were on vacation, visiting out of state family, when it happened. My 8 month old started teething, his little body was really trying to get those teeth through; I don’t usually bring many things with us while traveling because I like to travel as light as possible so I didn’t have anything for him when his fever spiked in the night.
My babies ALWAYS get high fevers when teething I know it isn’t supposed to be very common, but they do- like 102 -103 inerrableness. And usually if I know that they are fighting a virus I will let them go with the fever as long as they are comfortable, eating, and sleeping well, but Andrew wasn’t. He was restless and couldn’t go without momma or an aunt holding him, if he was set down he was so sad. So I got Infant Ibuprofen and he was dosed up with that for the rest of the trip. Not long after we got home his two bottom teeth came through.
I really don’t like to give my boys over the counter medicines, I prefer to use homeopathic remedies, natural supplements, real food, and essential oils to help them through their sickness, so when I got home I immediately started researching what I could do for the baby the next time he had teeth coming in. We’ve tried all of these and they have all worked to some degree but the first one is my favorite.
5 Natural Remedies for Teething Babies
 These little, melting tablets are miracle workers. They contain Belladona to help with the fever, Coffea to help naptime go a little better and two other awesome homeopathic remedies.  If I know teething is once again upon us I immediately start giving the baby some tablets. Since I have started using these tablets with the baby he hasn’t had a super high fever while teething again. Something that never happened with my older two.
 I like the nightime tablets because my teething babes get restless. Even naptime can go out the window while the baby is teething. The nightime tablets contain Magnesia Phosphorica, Rheum, and Silicea all to help your little one sleep comfortably.
Belladona is recommended in one of my new favorite books,  Homeopathic Remedies for Children and Infants. Belladona helps with fever and inflammation, both of which your baby or toddler may have while teething.  This worked well for us but not as well as the combination of homeopathic remedies in the Hyland’s.

3. Chamomilla

Chamomilla helps to calm a fussy baby. One who is clingy while teething or who constantly has his fingers in his mouth. We tried this remedy by itself, but again it did not work as well as the Hyland’s tablets.

4. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is a great oil for calming and it is anti-inflammatory. I use it on myself if I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, if I have boys who can’t seem to calm down for bed I will run some through the diffuser in their room. I have also used it on the baby when he teeths and it seems to help him to relax and act more like himself. To use essential oils on my baby I dissolve 2 drops of the oil in 1 Tablespoon of carrier oil- I usually use olive oil or coconut oil for the carrier, just mix it up in a little bowl and keep the rest around for future use. I rub the oil on the back of the little ones neck and along his jaw line.
5. Breastmilk Popsicles
Nice and cold for your baby to gnaw on, breast milk popsicles will help to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and provide a comforting taste to a little one who may not want to nurse because of achy gums. For fun you could always throw in small pieces of berries or banana.
(I really thought the Munchkin Food Feeders were perfect to put pieces of frozen breastmilk or frozen fruit in.)

These are my top five things to go to when I have a teething baby. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have any Infant Tylenol or ibuprofen in my house, ‘cause I do, but I always start with these natural remedies for teething babies before moving to over the counter drugs that are harder for their little bodies to process.
What are some of your natural remedies to a teething baby? Would love to hear from you!
5 Natural Rememdies for Teething Babies: Helpful natural rememdies to take place of medications for teething
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  1. Nikki Crump | 25th Aug 16

    I’ve never heard of the Belladona or the Chamomilla, thanks for sharing these!

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